The Challenges of VoIP

High Speed and Readily Available Internet Connection

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VoIP technically relies on a strong internet connection for them to be effective in their services. This means that if your network bandwidth is low, you are bound to get poor VoIP services. As a rule of thumb, it is highly advisable to allocate each VoIP device at least 100 kbps upload speed. Such an internet connection may be challenging for small business owners, thus making it hard for such entities to enjoy VoIP services. However, it is integral to remember that the bandwidth allocated to devices is determined by the number of calls the VoIP device will make. Therefore, the larger the business, the higher the number of calls to be made.

Challenging to Incorporate Location Tracking Services

Accessibility and portability have been seen as major advantages of using VoIP services. However, accessibility is a challenge to other businesses. This can be based on the doctrine that since it is easy to carry VoIP devices, it can be challenging for third parties to identify where a call originated. In instances where an emergency occurs within a business premise, it can be challenging for emergency services to locate the exact location of the incident since VoIP devices do not have GPS and IP addresses.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a VoIP System

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  • It is always advisable to consider the reliability of the VoIP provider before deciding to use their services. This is important as it will prevent you from spending lots of cash on a VoIP provider who has poor services.
  • The services you plan to use the VoIP for should be prioritized before purchasing a VoIP system. For example, some users may prefer VoIP services for calls only, while others may choose to use VoIP services for call forwarding reasons.

Always consider the bandwidth allocated to you by your internet provider before purchasing a VoIP service. For example, if you have a big company with numerous employees, it is advisable to consider an ISP with a high bandwidth allotment.